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One particular week during my third maternity leave, sticks out in my mind. I was all over the place, juggling the demands of a new baby with my eldest starting school during a global pandemic and my middle child attending a pre-school at the other end of town. I left to pick up my daughter one afternoon and realised, as I walked up the street, that I had half a tin of baked beans in the coffee cup holder attached to my pram. Complete and utter baby brain.

Parenting is really hard. Many mums somehow take on the extra burden of the mental load, being the ones in charge of everything to do with home life and the children and their schedules. I am no different. My husband works long hours as an NHS surgeon so it’s usually left to me to handle most things. 

I’ve never been blessed with children that sleep well (far from it) and have somehow had to survive teaching A-level Maths running on complete empty for the last six years. There must be some serious muscle memory going on in my brain as I’ve been capable of solving some tricky maths problems whilst being unable to string a sentence together. To be honest, I don't know how I've managed.

There is no “day off” when you have three small children and it occurred to me that I really needed something besides my morning coffee to help me feel energised, capable and confident.

I started looking into and experimenting with different herbal ingredients known to aid brain health and various supplements and was surprised by how much of a difference they made. I’d never heard of these ingredients before and was shocked that most products on the market seemed to be branded towards men when it’s us mums who need them most!

So, I worked with top nutritionist Shona Wilkinson and Supermum was born. I can truly say that this product has changed my life. I feel more like my old self. It feels like it’s given me the super powers I need to tackle this crazy gig of being a mum. I hope you'll join me and give it a try.

Ami xx

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