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Supermum Mission

Not just a supplement company

We are here to help mums be the best version of themselves. Become a healthier, happier and more productive YOU with SUPERMUM.


Supermum Philosophy

We believe in transparency and customer satisfaction. We know mums are important and we want to make you feel special. Everything we do is with this aim in mind.


Supermum Values


We want to be honest and transparent when it comes to what our mums are putting into their bodies. We source top quality ingredients to ensure our unique formula packs a punch.


Self-care for mums extends beyond eating a healthy diet and taking a good brain supplement. We encourage all mums to take time for themselves to engage in activities they love. Always on the lookout for productivity hacks and wellness tips - we will share with you everything we discover.


We know, as mums, how important it is to protect the planet for future generations. We manufacture all our products here in the UK and produce our product and packaging with the environment in mind. A tree is planted with every order and every social share.


Our product is all about making life easier for YOU so we will also ensure your experience with us is always easy too. Our packaging is designed to fit through your letterbox and subscription services mean you don’t need to remember to order.


Our Story

SUPERMUM was founded to help busy mums clear brain fog and feel energised, enabling them to make the most of valuable time and enjoy their lives.

Our mission is to make life easier for mums because we appreciate what a difficult, yet hugely important job it is. We are committed to making the world a better place so our high quality products are all fully vegan, cruelty free and we are an eco-concious brand, planting a tree for every order placed and doing our best to ensure recyclable packaging as well as manufacturing products in the UK to cut down on carbon emissions.

We have collaborated with a top nutritionist, Shona Wilkinson, to create our powerful nootropic stack, Power Up. We wanted to design something just for mums that will give a daily energy boost as well as promote healthy brain function now and in the future. In addition to well documented nootropics such as Cognizin and Bacopa Monnieri, our unique formula also includes vitamin B6 and Maca, two ingredients that help to balance hormones, thus reducing fatigue in mums. 

Join us for the journey of a lifetime. Better brain health starts here.


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