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One powerful brain-boosting  formula, containing Cognizin®, the world's leading nootropic and 21 natural ingredients.

Cognizin® Citicoline

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Energises brain cells


“I believe that food is the best nootropic, but when it comes to nootropic supplements, I like to look for nutrients that are naturally occurring in the body, like citicoline, which is a potent brain health nutrient we endogenously produce.”


Other Ingredients

guarana plant

Lion's Mane

bacopa monnieri


lions mane

Bacopa Monnieri

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panax ginseng

Guarana Seed


Panax Ginseng



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Rhodiola Rosea

photo of gingko biloba


photo of rhodiola rosea

Gingko Biloba

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photo of black pepper


photo representing l-theanine

Black Pepper

photo of beetroot


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photo of chick peas


photo of peas


photos of spinach


SCIENCE: Features
photo of quinoa

Vitamin B3

photo of oats

Vitamin B2

photo of corn

Vitamin B6

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photo of yeast

Vitamin D3

l tyrosine chemical picture

Vitamin B12

photo of algae for b12

L Tyrosine

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supermum box

When will it work?

Cognitive supplements are usually designed for instant effect with no long term benefits, or have no immediate results but aim to help you improve over time. Supermum is packed with ingredients that are clinically proven to do both. Let us help you fuel your brain, increasing neurotransmitter activity whilst also improving attention, memory and focus. With daily supplementation, most people will feel some positive effects within 30 days.

Cognizin® is a propriatory form of citicoline. It has been clinically studied to show it supports mental energy, focus and attention.

photo of some of the herbal ingredients in supermum

It's here. The first brain health supplement, designed for mums.

Packed with a blend of vegan ingredients that are shown to help your brain function optimally.

picture of a mother holding a baby

One formula for ultimate brain health and increased energy



A busy mum has too much to do and too little time. Supermum is a daily supplement containing Cognizin and Bacopa Monnieri that supports your hectic lifestyle ensuring that you are mentally energised to stay focused throughout the day, without that 'brain fog' feeling.



Supermum is made for women who are experiencing short term memory loss (such as forgetting where they parked their car) and long term memory lapses (such as not knowing the name of the child they have been looking after for the past 6 years). It includes Bacopa Monieri and Rhodiola Rosea which have been shown to support memory function. There is no reason why clever women, like you, should suffer when little tweaks could make you feel much smarter.



The perfect way to get bigger, better results from your hectic day, Supermum improves productivity levels and alertness with a natural blend of ingredients including guarana, L-theanine and L-Tyrosine. Designed for busy mums, it helps you get more done in less time with a unique formula that is safe and effective.



Supermum is the perfect solution to reduce 'tired mum' syndrome. It contains vitamins and minerals, along with maca and guarana, so you can get all the energy you need to play with your kids. A nutritional formula designed to boost your energy and concentration levels, to help you be the best you and get more out of life!



Take the strain out of juggling work and life with Supermum, a new natural supplement for women, designed to help restore calm and vitality. Think of it like an SOS for stressed-out mums. This multi-mineral and herbal supplement containing Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola Rosea is designed to help relieve symptoms associated with stress, helping women to sleep better and think more clearly.



Women have it tough. Between kids, partners, work and all the other events that life throws at us, being a mum is the toughest job in the world. Supermum gives you a no-hassle hormone balance for your body to enjoy a smoother transition through life's toughest moments. Containing Vitamin B6, Maca and Ginkgo Biloba - all thought to help balance hormone levels in women.

stick man drawing of an overwhelmed and tired mum

High doses, using the most bioactive ingredients available to power you up and boost your brain health. All because we know what it feels like to be a busy mum in today's world.

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